TMJ Pain and Headaches

Treatment for TMJ in Alexandria

What is TMJ?

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD), also referred to as TMJ, and headaches are a common occurrence in a large portion of today’s population mostly due to stress and stress related muscle activity. Many people subconsciously clinch and grind their teeth during daytime and while sleeping as their body’s de-stress.  This clinching and grinding is referred to as bruxism and can lead to muscle fatigue, muscle tenderness, headaches, and destruction of the teeth if not treated.

Relieve Your TMJ Pain

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TMJ Treatment

A modern and innovative solution to treating TMD and migraines is injection of botox into the facial muscles that are involved in mastication.  Botox has been proven to decrease bruxism and its associated side effects as well as effectively treat migraines.  Most people are able to notice the effects of the treatment in 3-10 days following injections.  The muscles that are treated will be “relaxed” and no other muscles will be affected.  Botox may be used in conjunction with a night time appliance, or a nightguard to help protect the teeth and balance dental occlusion.

Dr. Rogenmoser is trained in the use of Botox to treat TMD pain and migraines. Schedule a consult today to determine which treatment option would be appropriate for you.